Lack of concentration: 3 tests you can try online

Lack of concentration 3 tests you can try online

In pupils, lack of concentration is increasing sharply. This is shown by a Forsa study carried out by DAK Health. Teachers there complain about the rise in health problems. Especially stress causes these problems – especially the media overstimulation. But adults are also affected. The fact is that the over-stimulation affects us all. The result is a lack of concentration.

But how is a lack of concentration detected and what tests are there to independently check whether there is a lack of concentration?

The diagnosis

Diagnosis of a lack of concentration can include a variety of tests, as there are many causes. Your doctor will first raise an anamnesis and discuss your symptoms. Questions such as :”When did you first notice this disease?” and “When is your ability to concentrate better or worse?” are common.

Your doctor may also check the medications, supplements and herbs you take to see if they affect your ability to concentrate. Then he or she makes the diagnosis or orders further tests.

Often a standardized test is also taken to make a diagnosis. Further investigations include:

  • Hearing and vision tests
  • Determination of certain hormone concentrations in the blood
  • Eeg

Resources for individual testing

There are many different ways to measure attention.

Qualitative and quantitative tests differ. Control questions are used in the qualitative concentration tests. Quantitative tests measure a direct response of the participants. You don’t have to answer any questions during the test, but play a computer game, for example, where you have to remember certain things.

3 concentration tests you can try right away

  1. mentalup

With mentalup you can improve your concentration. On the website you will find some search images that will help you improve your attention and concentration performance.


With the visMEN concentration test, you test your concentration, memory and absorption ability. The goal is to remember a certain sequence of events. To do the test, you need an account with Cognifit.

  1. Concentration test KONT-P

With the KONT-P test you check and train your concentration capacity. According to the test, the test checks your performance, speed and care.

Tips for better concentration

The tests serve as a simple means of determining your ability to concentrate. This is your personal starting point. If you want to increase your concentration now, you can use crossword and number puzzles. Coordination exercises are also a means to increase your concentration. With appropriate dietary supplements you support mind and body for better performance. Do you have massive problems concentrating? Then find an expert to make you a diagnosis and help you.


Lack of concentration can affect anyone. If you have any suspicionthat you are affected, see a doctor who will determine whether there is a lack of concentration through a standardized test and an anamnesis. Do you want to test your ability to concentrate yourself? Use the three tests we described. To counteract a lack of concentration, you can solve crossword and number puzzles or do coordination exercises.

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