Concentration and Vitamin B12: What to Consider When Buying

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Many vitamins are important for maintaining our brain performance. However, vitamin B12 plays a very special role in our concentration and memory. Normally you get it through your food. If that’s still not enough, buying vitamin B12 supplements is an option.

And that’s where the confusion begins. The choice of means and supplements for vitamin B12 intake is not only huge, but also enormously confusing.

It ranges from powders and sprays to ointments and dietary supplements.

Are there B12 drugs that can help your concentration? Which of them are vegan? What is this bioavailability all about?

We looked at how B12 and concentration are related and what you really need to consider when buying.

What is vitamin B12 and how does it help your concentration?

What we colloquially call
vitamin B12
is actually called coenzyme B12in chemistry. It belongs to the group of Cobalamine, also known as vitamin B12 group.

With the well-known vitamin B12, we are dealing with only one representative of this group. The coenzyme B12 is so important to us because we cannot produce it ourselves in the body. For humans, therefore, it is one of the essential substances.

Incidentally, this also applies to other living beings from the flora and fauna. As a result, we have no choice but to absorb vitamin B12 through food. More specifically, we get it through microorganisms, i.e. bacteria.

These can produce the essential vitamin themselves and occur both in the digestive tract of animals and on the surface of certain plants.

In the body, we humans need it above all for cell division, blood formation and certain functions of the nervous system.

In short, the vitamin is extremely important for us.

Also in our brain it has important tasks over. For example, with a lack of vitamin B12, a decrease in mental performance is one of the first symptoms. The essential substance is therefore also irreplaceable for your concentration and memory performance.

So under what circumstances should you buy vitamin B12? There are several things that matter.

Should you buy vitamin B12 for your concentration?

As already mentioned, we get vitamin B12 primarily through our diet. More specifically, these foods top the ranking for the highest B12 content:

  1. Beef liver (65 micrograms B12 per 100g)
  2. Calf liver (60 micrograms B12 per 100g)
  3. Pork liver (40 micrograms B12 per 100g)

As you can see, especially innards are rich in the vitamin.

A little further down the table, however, there are also oysters (14.6 micrograms of B12 per 100g), beef (5 micrograms B12 per 100g) and fatty Emmentaler (2.2 micrograms B12 per 100g).

Do you notice something?

Right. If we want to increase the concentration of vitamin B12 in our body, we should primarily buy meat, fish and milk.

For example, if a vegan lifestyle doesn’t make any of these products regularly on your plate, you might get into trouble.

It is not for nothing that vegetarians and vegans are at the top of the list of risk groups for vitamin B12 deficiency, along with the elderly.

If you are also one of these groups, or if there is an existing disease that inhibits your absorption of B12, you should consider supplementing the vitamin.

When it is possible for your doctor to help you with the dosage. But what are the options for buying vitamin B12 and what really helps your concentration and memory performance?

Vitamin B12 from the store: What is there and what really helps?

The supply of B12-containing funds is rather confusing. So let’s look at the forms you can buy vitamin B12 in and what the means are for maintaining your concentration:

  • Ointment: Vitamin B12 can also be bought as an ointment. The product is mainly offered for the treatment of skin diseases. The effect of such ointments, however, is controversial. Especially on mental factors such as your concentration, the external treatment will have no influence. So better fingers off!
  • Liquid vitamin B12: This method of ingestion is relatively simple. If vitamin B12 enters your body, it will help you maintain your concentration. Drops and sprays also offer the advantage that the substance is also absorbed via the oral mucosa. This is a good alternative, especially for people with digestive problems.
  • (Lutsch) tablets: If you decide to buy tablets with vitamin B12, you should read the packaging carefully. In addition to the B12 active ingredient, numerous, often animal, additives are also used for the production. This could be particularly problematic for vegetarian and vegan people.
  • Capsules: Vitamin B12 in capsules contain fewer additives and can also be produced completely vegan. When purchasing, make sure to buy capsules with high bioavailability. This value indicates how quickly and to what extent something is absorbed by your body. In particularly high-quality products, the active ingredient in the capsule is surrounded by a liposomal membrane. It ensures that enzymes and acids in the mouth, stomach and intestines do not damage the substance. So he really gets to where he is supposed to be.
  • Injections: Injections with vitamin B12 bypass the gastrointestinal tract perfectly and are therefore also suitable for people with metabolic diseases. The concentration of the administered vitamin is also high in syringes. Nevertheless, this type of administration should be reserved for physicians, as there may always be serious side effects with injections of any kind.

Vitamin B12 Purchase for Concentration: Watch Out for These Things

The most important thing again summed up:

Vitamin B12 has been shown to help maintain your mental abilities. This includes your concentration. However, before you decide to buy supplements, you should make sure you need it.

  • Especially vegan and vegetarian people need the vitamin from other sources.
  • Especially in old age, a lack of vitamin B12 can be problematic. Your brain then needs it all the more to maintain concentration, memory performance and other brain functions.
  • We absorb the vitamin through meat, innards, fish and certain dairy products. If they aren’t regularly on your menu,there could be a shortage.
  • If you suffer from a metabolic disease,your intestines’ absorption capacity may be impaired. Here you should definitely ask your doctor for advice on necessary supplementation.

When purchasing vitamin B12 supplements, there are also a few things to consider:

  • Pay particular attention to the additives for tablets and lozenges. These are often animal.
  • Capsules can be made vegan. But still look at the package leaflet to make sure.
  • Capsules with liposomal active ingredientare particularly suitable. It promotes the absorption of B12 in your organism.
  • Buying ointments and syringes with vitamin B12 is rather discouraged. You should not underestimate a controversial effect and possible side effects.

If you have the choice, you will also be in agony when you buy. Therefore, listen to your body and note your individual circumstances. Especially when it comes to memory and concentration. This is how you find the optimal B12 preparation for you.

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