Fatigue after eating: The 1×1 to the schnitzel koma

Fatigue after eating The 1x1 to the schnitzel koma

After a good meal, do you feel sluggish and tired? Then the so-called “schnitzel koma” struck. Doctors speak of “postprandial fatigue“. Why we get tired and what you can do about it: We’ve looked into these questions in more detail.

In a nutshell:

  • Schnitzelkoma and pasta anaesthesia describe the same thing: fatigue after a good meal.
  • Reason: The body needs energy to break down the food. We lack this energy in other institutions. the episode? Fatigue. So it is basically a normal phenomenon.
  • Insulin releases sugar into our cells. This will reduce your blood sugar. the episode? Fatigue.
  • Tryptophan is converted into a happiness hormone serotonin. That’s great, but it can also make us sleepy.
  • Tips? Exercise, forgo greasy dishes, eat a little less and take a little nap.
  • When to see the doctor? If the fatigue lasts for a very long time or you get tired of light food like a salad.

The Causes of The Lunch Hang-Over: Why You’re Tired After Eating

1. The digestion runs and runs and runs

After eating, your body works at full speed to bleed through your digestive organs. Oxygen is needed for this. The problem: Other organs have to give up blood and oxygen and we get tired.

2. Low sugaring due to insulin production

Fatigue after eating occurs when our body produces insulin. With food intake, the glucose in the blood increases. As a result, our body releases insulin. The insulin acts like a friendly bouncer and now releases much more sugar into our cells. Now the blood sugar drops again. This leads to fatigue, because we can only use blood sugar as an inefficient source of energy.

3. The tired maker Tryptophan strikes

Tryptophan is an amino acid used, for example, in

  • Meat
  • Eggs
  • Parmesan and cashews

is included. What does this dubious amino acid do and what does your drowsiness have to do with it? Your blood transports Tryptophan into your brain after eating. There it is converted to Serotonin. You probably know serotonin as a “happiness hormone”. That’s great, isn’t it? Sure, you become more relaxed, get motivation and it has an antidepressant effect. However, it also makes us a little sleepy.

Our tips for less fatigue after eating

  1. Don’t eat too much
  2. Don’t eat greasy
  3. Movement
  4. A little nap
  5. Emergency coffee

Prefer light foods such as salads, vegetables and soy. Avoid “heavy food“, i.e. foods with many carbohydrates.

With a little exercise, you support the oxygen supply to catapult your brain back to normal. A powernap also provides good service against fatigue.

If nothing helps, try the emergency coffee. The caffeine wakes up and dispels fatigue.

When should you go to the doctor?

Fatigue after eating is basically “normal“. Unfortunately! We have to get through this. However, fatigue disappears within about 30 minutes. With a little coffee you can help if necessary.

But beware…

If the fatigue persists for a long time and is very strong, then you should consult your doctor. Your thyroid gland may complain after eating. Let’s clarify that. Also watch if you get tired after light food like a salad. Is that the case? Then visit the medical woman or the medical man. Because after small meals you should not get tired.

Fatigue after eating – Now it’s your turn

The schnitzel coma is normal. The reason is a strong blood flow to the digestive organs and a lack of oxygen in the brain. Make sure you eat a little less, forgo heavy food and you’ll have oxygen after eating: a short walk or a short airwill will help you. You don’t usually have to go to the doctor. If you often have problems with long-lasting fatigue and get tired even from light foods, then see a doctor.

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