Magnesium deficiency leads to hair loss. The dosage makes it!

Magnesium deficiency leads to hair loss. The dosage makes it!

Yes, magnesium deficiency causes hair loss. That’s why magnesium can work against it – with good results. Here you can find out what you need to consider and why magnesium can help.

Hair loss due to magnesium deficiency – why can magnesium work against hair loss?

The mineral magnesium helps with countless metabolic processes. Three of these are known to counteract the dreaded hair loss:

  • Magnesium promotes blood circulation
  • Magnesium helps against stress
  • Magnesium inhibits inflammation

In case of circulatory disorders on the scalp, the hair root is poorly blooded and the hair loses strength and becomes dull – the hair loss is programmed. Stress is a source of hair loss – here too, magnesium is helpful to reduce it. Once the scalp is sensitive, the bellows (the skin around the hair shaft) become more easily inflamed. At the end of it is the hair root. These are also affected and the hair disappears. Here helps another bonus of magnesium. It is a natural anti-inflammatory.

How do you dose magnesium if you suffer from hair loss due to magnesium deficiency?

This is where the usual recommendation of the German Society for Nutrition of 300 to 400 mg of magnesium per day comes into play. If you want to learn more about a healthy dosage, we have written a contribution to the dosage for you. However, hair loss is just one of the many symptoms of magnesium deficiency. If you have contacted your doctor to determine whether you actually suffer from magnesium deficiency, a slightly increased magnesium intakecan help. But this is a lengthy undertaking that lasts for several weeks. The hair doesn’t grow up immediately – here you need patience. Over a period of a few weeks, there was often an improvement. If you don’t notice progress or even experience symptoms of overdose, the next step is to see a doctor.

Nutrition is the key.

In addition to the usual magnesium-containing foods, you can also use magnesium in dietary supplements. A healthy scepticism with magnesium oils is also not wrong. So far, there have been no studies confirming magnesium intake through the skin.

Dosage is important – hair loss due to excess magnesium

Dosage should only be slightly increased. Excessive dosing leads to a magnesium excess,which in rare cases can also lead to hair loss. If you have reached the guide values of 300 to 400 mg or confirmed by a blood test that the body has sufficient magnesium available, this is enough. Otherwise, the positive effect decreases and can even be reversed. If you notice this or suffer from other magnesium excess symptoms, your doctor will help you with another magnesium blood test. Hair loss can happen at a young age in women and men. One in five women and one in two men suffers from hair loss over the course of their lives. The reasons are manifold: genes, hormones, weak immune system or even a magnesium deficiency.

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