Sloppy, broken and use nothing – What helps against fatigue?

Schlapp, broken and use nothing - What helps against fatigue

Especially at this time of year, many feel like some animals in hibernation: constant fatigue and exhaustion accompany everyday life.

This may even be due to chronic fatigue syndrome or fatigue syndrome, which often remains unrecognized.

Other chronic diseases (e.g. thyroid dysfunction, mental illness or infections) usually have additional symptoms.

But it doesn’t have to be a bad illness. A nutrient deficiency is also not uncommon at this time of year – keyword vitamin deficiency.

However, black or green tea, coffee and other energy suppliers are not enough. What really helps against fatigue? Here you will learn the most effective tricks against permanent fatigue.

Despite the leaden heaviness: Iron helps as a remedy for fatigue

It’s almost a pictorial metaphor. If you don’t have enough blood, you’ll suffer from fatigue. In the technical language, this disease is called anaemia or anemia.

This can have several reasons: You may suffer from a deficiency of vitamin B12 or folic acid. More often, however, it is a classic iron deficiencythat causes fatigue and cumbersomeness.

Iron is responsible for blood formation and oxygenation. If you don’t have enough of this nutrient, your cells and your body suffer from it: iron deficiency anemia is the result.

If you suffer from iron deficiency, iron as a dietary supplement in the form of capsules, dragees or tablets is the usual form of therapy.

More rarely and in more acute cases, some doctors also resort to infusions. Attention! Here the emphasis is on the fact that a physician should decide and apply this.

Iron deficiency as an increased danger in women

Women in particular often have to deal with this problem. There are several reasons for this: On the one hand, monthly menstruation removes iron from the body. On the other hand, studies confirm that women absorb less of the valuable nutrient with age than the body needs.

Women are therefore the biggest risk group for constant fatigue and exhaustion. If you are part of one of the following groups, you should therefore regularly have your iron balance checked:

  • Young women at the beginning of their menstrual cycles
  • Women who are announcing menopause
  • Women in pregnancy
  • Women shortly after birth

In addition to women, however, this also affects many other people. Seniors, children and adolescents are common groups. Chronic diseases or surgeries can also lead to iron deficiency. Blood and iron are closely related, which is why regular blood donors should also take care of their iron balance.

At a time when healthy eating and sport are becoming increasingly important, women and men who practice performance and endurance sports must also be careful here. Since meat is an iron supplier, vegetarians and even more vegans must pay attention to the important nutrient. Veganer

Overcome fatigue with vitamin B12

If you eat vegan or vegetarian, vitamin B12 deficiency can also occur – but not only then. The nutrient is mainly contained in animal products and is essential for the body and brain.

You notice a deficiency precisely through lack of pleasure, exhaustion, forgetfulness or lack of concentration. Even a slight drowsiness can occur with severe deficiency.

If you suffer from a deficiency and animal products are not a way for you, only dietary supplementshelp here.

In general, the entire vitamin B complex can help you here. It doesn’t have to be just vitamin B12.

The good old magnesium and vitamin D as a remedy for fatigue

If you do a lot of exercise, you know it:
can help with exhaustion. Since the nutrient is necessary for countless metabolic functions, it is also partly responsible for your energy supply.

Typical symptoms of magnesium deficiency are sleep disturbances, rapid fatigue and constant fatigue.

In the cold season, it is precisely the lack of sun that is added to many. When sun rays hit the skin directly, our body produces vitamin D.

But this happens less often than usual in the dark winter.

Science does not yet know exactly what happens to a vitamin D deficiency in the body. Fatigue, however, is one of the more common symptoms.

Here, besides the sun, only animal food helps you. Few mushrooms and avocados have more vitamin D. This is why, especially in winter, the grip on supplements often helps in the event of a deficiency.

Stimulate circulation: Sports and cold showers as an alternative to fatigue?

Sport and cold water are stimuli for the brain: you wake it up with it. Imagine this as a tweak on your arm.

Especially movement together with the activating fresh air often does the head good. The body needs the oxygen.

Rarely is it a real lack of oxygen in space that puts us at work, but rather the abundance of CO2. A walk outdoors, shock vents and cold castings can get your body going again.

A healthy diet without many carbohydrates is of course also helpful. However, a similar phenomenon can occur with low-carb diets – especially when switching from normal to low-carb diets.

The famous chewing gum also promotes blood circulation to the brain. If your environment allows it or you have headphones, music can also help. With the favorite music, the mind also brightens.

Anyone who is on the Internet or has ever been to an English-speaking country knows the call: Stay hydrated. Drinking enough is very important for your body and helps against fatigue. Drink one or two glasses of water and make sure you take two to three litres of liquid during the day.

You probably don’t have to mention that stress can lead to fatigue.

Unfortunately, these simple tricks do not necessarily help with chronic fatigue and do not combat the causes due to defects very little.

All natural: sleep against fatigue?

The most obvious thing about fatigue seems to be, of course, sleep. One word must be emphasized here: seems to be!

Especially people who suffer from chronic fatigue, either have a hard time falling
or sleep too muchanyway. Adults should sleep between seven and nine hours, according to studies – no more and no less. Seniors need a little less sleep, children and adolescents need more.

Chronic fatigue therefore leads to the fact that one sleeps longer anyway, which is why exactly the sleep then does not help. hilft Exactly the opposite is the case. If we get too much sleep, we tend to be more exhausted.

You can’t find a remedy for fatigue? Your doctor will help you!

As always, there is a basic rule for such ailments: If Ärztin you suffer from permanent fatigue, you should go to your doctor of trust to get to the bottom of the actual cause.

They can tell you exactly what you are in short or what exactly it is. Don’t worry: in very few cases, there is a serious illness behind it. Maybe dietary supplements will help you or you just need a small lifestyle change.

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