Buy spermidin: this is what you should pay attention to

Spermidin kaufen- darauf solltest du unbedingt achten

This sounds almost too good to be true: “Buy spermidin capsules and beat a snipate to aging.” But what exactly is behind it?

Is spermidine really this touted fountain of youth? And if so, in what form can you buy it?

The answers can be found in this article.

But let’s start at the beginning. What exactly is this spermidine?

The substance is an intermediate that is produced during the formation of sperm. This, in turn, is a chemical compound found in human semen (hence the name, by the way).

Spermidine and spermare are therefore something else. The latter gained popularity as a component of numerous anti-aging products in cosmetics.

But let’s not go, anti-aging?

So perhaps spermidine is really the key to eternal youth that you can just buy?

Well, science isn’t quite sure yet. But let’s take a quick look at what spermidine is doing in our bodies.

Before Buying: What Can Spermidine Do?

One should not be fooled by the name of spermidine. The substance is naturally present in a number of foods. And you can just buy them in the supermarket. For example, wheat germs, soybeans or cheddar cheese contain a lot of it compared to other foods.

Spermidine became the focus of science mainly after it was found that people with a spermidine-rich diet had an average longer life expectancy.

The exact effect of the substance in our body is not yet fully understood. What is certain, however, is that spermidine has an amplifying effect on autophagy.

Autopha-waas… is that now again?

Autophagy is nothing more than a kind of self-cleaning process of cells. It allows a cell to break down its own components, which may not function properly. Autophagy is therefore extremely important for general cell health.

The effect is usually triggered by fasting and provides cell-level detoxing.

Whether and to what extent spermidine, which is absorbed via diet, can enhance this in humans – there are no meaningful studies yet.

However, in experiments on fruit flies, for example, the intake of spermidine through the diet could counteract age-related dementia.

Initial data on the use of spermidine in humans are promising, especially in terms of improving the maintenance of cognitive abilities in old age.

In these forms you can buy spermidine

If you want to increase your spermidine intake, you can do so in two ways:

  • By changing your diet
  • By taking dietary supplements with spermidine

So let us take a quick look at the advantages and disadvantages of these two possibilities.

Spermidine in the form of food

Legumes and soy products in particular have a similarly high spermidine content. So one way to get more spermidine is to change your diet.

On the one hand, this is relatively easy, as you can buy these products in any supermarket. On the other hand, you have to make this change over a long period of time in order to really benefit from it.

In addition, the changed diet allows you to develop an excess or lack of certain nutrients.

If you’ve tried a diet before, you probably know: it’s not that easy.


  • Spermidine is present in many conventional foods
  • A permanent transition to a healthier diet has many positive effects, with or without spermidine


  • You need to plan your diet carefully
  • In the long run, such a changeover is difficult to sustain

Spermidine as a dietary supplement

If you want to avoid the headache about the optimal spermidine-containing diet, you can also use dietary supplements.

Here, spermidine preparations are mainly offered as capsules, which are taken regularly.

Capsules have the decisive advantage that the dose is determined by the capsule size. So you don’t run the risk of taking too little or too much and you regularly get the same amount.

Incidentally, a possible spermidine overdose is not yet known. Nevertheless, you should always take the same amount of money when taking it regularly.

The ingredients are usually natural: Since the substance is found in many foods, it comes in the preparations from natural sources such as wheat germs.

Nevertheless, you should read the package leaflet carefully. Spermidine preparations are often added to other substances and the composition of the capsules themselves is also crucial. But more on that later. After all, you want to know exactly what you are doing.

In general, it is recommended to discuss a dose with your GP.


  • Simple and safe method of absorbing spermidine
  • Saves the time and effort you would have to change your diet


  • You should look closely at the ingredients when buying

This is what you should definitely consider when buying

As the exact effects of spermidine have not yet been scientifically researched, manufacturers must not promise health-promoting effects on the packaging. To avoid this, vitamins are often included in the capsules. Spermidine supplements are found again and again, which advertise the actual effect of certain vitamins or minerals.

So don’t get tricked and look at the packaging!

This is also important for certain allergies or a vegan lifestyle. Because: Even if the fabric is 100% vegan, sometimes it is not the capsule shells. For example, there are capsules that use animal products for their production.

So here it says again: Eyes on when buying a capsule!

All information about buying spermidine at a glance

Here again the most important thing:

  • Spermidine you can buy in capsules or foods
  • The ingredients of these preparations are usually natural
  • Still, take a close look at the packaging when you buy it and don’t fall for empty advertising promises
  • In case of doubt, it is always better to ask the family doctor

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