Life extension for oral use? Spermidine capsules as a dietary supplement

Life Extension for Oral Spermidine Capsules as a Dietary Supplement

Spermidine is on everyone’s mouth. In the form of capsules almost literally. After all, it is also meant to prolong life.

In addition, studies confirm that spermidine does not cause tolerability problems in the usual dosages. So is it the fountain of youth that people have been striving for for millennia?

It has long been a desirable commodity in history: longer life. Some tried to find the nectar of the gods, in the Middle Ages the nobility experimented with mercury tinctures and poisoned themselves in the process.

But moment? If spermidine can do that, isn’t that a drug and a pharmacy requirement? Currently, spermidine exists in retail only as a dietary supplement in capsule form. This is reflected in countless foods such as wheat germs, aged cheese, mushrooms and fruit and vegetables.

Let’s look at what spermidine capsules can do.

Spermidine Capsules vs. Nutrition? What do scientific studies say about this?

Spermidine works longer in yeast fungi, worms and maggots: they live longer with the addition of the supposed miracle substance. However, this experiment does not yet show whether this also works in humans.

Currently, there are no studies on spermidine capsules and their impact on life expectancy. Similarly, research does not yet know what the situation is with spermidine-containing foods.

There are two early observational studies with 800 and 1,770 people respectively, which suggest a life-extending effect. At the same time, the diet consisted of whole grain products, apples, pears, salads, sprouts and potatoes. This is a generally healthy diet and even that can have a life-extending effect. It is therefore not certain whether the higher spermidine content was actually decisive.

In addition, both studies have been written by producers of spermidine capsules, among others. We therefore need to wait for further studies in order to reach meaningful conclusions. However, these two study phases lasted 20 and 12.8 years respectively. So it will take some time to know exactly.

The double study was also carried out in the first section in a single place – Bruneck in South Tyrol – and in the second section only in Salzburg (Austria). This alone makes the study statistically problematic. Ideally, a random selection would have to be made with a control group that takes only one placebo. The second section was also too short to actually provide meaningful results on life-extending effects.

These initial indications nevertheless have a positiveeffect overall. It is precisely such observational studies that are easier to carry out and show first, promising results.

Molecular biologist Franz Madeo, who discovered the autophagic effect at the Karl-Franzens-University in Graz (Austria) in 2008, emphasized after the study that the risk of heart attack was reduced by 50 percent.

By the way, autophagy is the “self-digestion” of cells. Don’t worry! Your body does not eat itself. It is the effect of fasting that is activated here. Unhealthy cells break down themselves. The discovery of this process won the 2016 Nobel Prizefor yoshinori Ohsumi.

In another study over three months, the Berlin Charité discovered that taking a spermidine preparation also improvedthe memory performance of individuals with a precursor to Alzheimer’s. Again, however, there is no long-term experience.

Researcher Madeo also confirms that a massive dietary change on foods with high spermidine content would have the same effects. However, he stresses that the fewcans can do this and help with dietary supplements.

The ingredients of spermidine capsules

Most supplements with spermidine are wheat germ extracts. The important content of the capsules is therefore natural and vegan.

If the coating – the capsule itself – and the additives (e.B. rice flour) are just as vegan, a completely vegan dietary supplementremains.

The wheat germ extract is the food with the highest spermidine content. Even the content in the human sperm, where the spermidine was first demonstrated, is lower. This makes this fabric the perfect raw material for the supplements.

According to the Consumer Centre, the maximum permitted amount of spermidine should be taken is 6 mg per day. Especially when dosing per tablet, you have to be careful not to buy overpriced products with low spermidine content. In any case, it should be a wheat germ extract and not a simple powder. Dosages below 1 mg are otherwise easy to obtain via the normal diet.

Spermidine capsules as a dietary supplement are promising

Overall, therefore, the research here is still in its infancy. However, the first results point in a promising direction. Who might not want to live longer or stay fit in the mind in terms of memory? All this is shown by initial indications – but still inadequate for general recommendations.

A healthy diet or supplementation via dietary supplements may help here. Spermidine capsules are also a vegan step in this direction. Thanks to the wheat germs.

But the research here is euphoric. Not only in Austria and at the Berlin Charité, an active attempt is being made to test a new, effective product. The next few years could bring a significant breakthrough. Spermidine should therefore at least be kept in mind. Thanks to the good tolerability, however, it is already worth considering as a dietary supplement.

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