Take zinc and magnesium together: Good or bad?

Zinc and magnesium together take good or bad

Interactions may occur when taking foods and supplements. What about zinc and magnesium? Should we take the two elements together or separately?

Can zinc and magnesium be taken together?

A reference to this question is provided by a study called “Inhibitory effects of zinc on magnesium balance and magnesium absorption in man”, which describes the interaction. The scientists examined whether zinc can interfere with the absorption of magnesium. What was the result? It turned out that a zinc intake of 142 mg / day actually inhibits the absorption of magnesium in the body. Does this mean that we cannot take zinc and magnesium together? No, because according to the German Society for Nutrition, the recommended intake in women between 15 and over 60 is 7 mg. For men, the demand increases only marginally and is 10 mg per day. Zinc intake in the study was therefore far too high and it was precisely for this reason that an interaction arose. Oregon State University explicitly states in its Micronutrient Information Center that 142 mg is well above the tolerable upper intake of 40 mg.

The benefits of ZMAs

What does ZMA mean? It is a supplement made from

Zinc and magnesium have been offered together as dietary supplements for some time. Why? The three elements play a role for the immune system. Zinc is necessary for the development and proper function of cells. Magnesium can reduce inflammatory markers, according to studies. Our immune system needs vitamin B6 to produce white blood cells. Other positive effects that zinc, magnesium and B6 have according to studies:

  • Can support blood glucose control
  • Can lead to better sleep
  • Can lift your mood

Athletic performance was also tested. There are different results. On the one hand, there was increased muscle strength, more power and rising testosterone levels. It is also worth noting that an author of the study is involved in the company that manufactures ZMA. On the other hand, there are other studies that have not found any effect.

Zinc and magnesium at the same time?

Zinc and magnesium can be taken together as long as you do not eat an extremely high amount of zinc. Does this improve your athletic performance? May be, but it doesn’t have to be. But the nutrients also have clear benefits: they can lead to better sleep, support your blood sugar control and be mood-enhancing.

Zink und Magnesium zusammen einnehmen | Q&A mit Dr. Kuhlmann

In dem folgenden Video erklärt Dr. Kuhlmann ausführlich alles was Du zu dem Thema wissen musst:

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