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Zinc deficiency: How to notice it and what you can do about it

Zinc Deficiency How to Notice It and What To Do About It

Our body needs zinc for almost all processes. So it seems logical that a zinc deficiency can cause us problems. But what exactly happens if we don’t have enough zinc? How do you notice a zinc deficiency? How can you counteract this? All in turn. First of all, it is important that you take indications […]

Zinc: Everything about the valuable trace element

Zinc Everything about the valuable trace element

Above all, zinc is of course a chemical element that you probably still know from chemistry lessons under the symbol Zn. In chemistry, such as iron, calcium or copper, it is counted as metals. In addition to chemistry, zinc is also interesting when it comes to nutrition. After all, it is one of the essential […]

Where is spermidine contained? The A to Z of the products with spermidine content

Where Spermidine Contains The A to Z of Products With Spermidine Content

Research and various magazines are currently often about one substance: spermidine. Staying young should be caused by spermidine, it is said. It is intended to move the body into a fasting state. All this has not yet been clarified by research, but there are promising indications. Since there are no “spermidine drugs” or “spermidine therapies” […]

The spermidine effect explained: How the miracle cure works

The spermidine effect explained How the miracle cure works

The spermidine effect is just a hot topic among researchers. Protection against diseases such as diabetes, dementia, cancer and even corona is said to be the substance. But what is really true? With the wealth of information, this is often not so easy to say. We have therefore researched and summarized all information about the […]

Spermidine Dietary Supplements: What to Consider

Spermidine Dietary Supplements There's there to consider

Hardly any substance is currently researched as intensively as spermidine. And that’s no wonder. Finally, the naturally occurring polyamine is said to have many positive effects on our health. Whether as a spermidine supplement or via the diet with certain foods, science is eager to decipher the secrets of spermidine. We looked at what it […]

The miracle cure for a meal? These are the spermidine foods par excellence

The miracle cure for the meal These are the spermidine foods par excellence

Spermidine is contained in every cell of ours. Nevertheless, initial research shows that it could be healthy to add spermidine. In old age, the content in the cells decreases. Spermidine is naturally available by means of dietary supplements. But what about absorbing the nutrient through your daily meals? This is also possible – whether as […]

The Spermidine Food Table: Here is particularly much of the potential miracle drug contained

The spermidine food table Here is particularly much of the potential miracle drug contained

Fasting yourself healthy. This is an oft-heard promise. Spermidine is also frequently addressed here. However, the natural substance that stimulates autophagy exists not only in our cells, but also in many foods. Autophagy is the process of self-cleaning of your cells. It is therefore the garbage collection in your body. If you eat a balanced […]

Buy spermidin: this is what you should pay attention to

Buy spermidine on it you should definitely pay attention

This sounds almost too good to be true: “Buy spermidin capsules and beat a snipate to aging.” But what exactly is behind it? Is spermidine really this touted fountain of youth? And if so, in what form can you buy it? The answers can be found in this article. But let’s start at the beginning. […]