How much magnesium does our body need?

How much magnesium our body needs

If the nocturnal calf spasm greets you twice, it’s time to think about magnesium. But how much magnesium does the body need and which dose is healthy? With us you can find out what quantities are recommended.

How much magnesium do we need per day?

In short, it depends. If you

  • Competitive sports,
  • permanently stressed,
  • medication must be taken,
  • consume a lot of alcohol
  • are pregnant,
  • or have a chronic illness, then

your magnesium requirements are higher.

However, according to the German Society for Nutrition, the recommended daily amounts for women between 15 and under 19 years of age are 350 mg per day. For men of the same age, the reference value of 400 mg is slightly higher. Daily intake levels vary slightly with age. You can see the exact values in the table below.

Increase the daily magnesium intake during stress?

Stress can have a positive (eustress) or negative (disstress) effect. Persistent negative stress not only has a bad effect on our “system body”, but also stimulates our cells to discharge more magnesium into the bloodstream. The need for stress is thus increased. In this case, you can use magnesium-rich foods or take dietary supplements to meet your body’s demand for magnesium.

Daily demand for magnesium in athletes

In sport, you should first follow the reference values of the DGE. However, the daily magnesium requirement can be higher during intensive sports, because we lose valuable minerals due to sweating.

An exact intake is not available because the magnesium intake changes depending on the sport and intensity. It is then up to you as an athlete to estimate the daily requirement for magnesium.

Daily needs for breastfeeding and pregnancy

How much magnesium is needed during pregnancy? In pregnant women, the daily need for magnesium is slightly increased at 310 mg per day, according to DGE. Breastfeeding satdown much more of the mineral – 390 mg per day.

The Society for Magnesium Research writes that itis “undisputed that there is an additional need for magnesium in pregnancy“. This is due to the unborn child, tissue changes and increased losses of the mineral. During pregnancy, a doctor should be advised on how (food, supplements, etc.) and how much magnesium is taken.

How much magnesium do infants and children need per day?

In infants shortly after birth up to less than four months, the magnesium requirement is estimated at 24 mg per day. From 4 to under 12 months, the daily intake should be 60 mg / day.

In young children, the recommended daily amount changes rapidly. 80 mg per day in children from one to less than four years of age. From seven to less than ten years it is already 170 mg per day. The exact values for each age group can be found in the table below.

How much magnesium per day – table

You can read in the table how much magnesium you need per day (according to the German Society for Nutrition):


Category and age How much magnesium do we need?
Male Female
0 to less than 4 months (estimate) 24
4 to less than 12 months 60
1 to under 4 years 80
4 to under 7 years 120
7 to under 10 years 170
10 to under 13 years 230 250
13 to under 15 years 310 310
Teenagers and adults
15 to under 19 years 400 350
19 to under 25 years 400 310
25 to under 51 years 350 300
51 to under 65 years 350 300
65 years and over 350 300
Pregnant woman ( < 19 years 350 mg) 310
Breastfeeding 390

The daily requirement for magnesium: Conclusion

Let’s note: The daily magnesium requirement is sometimes not so easy to determine. Various factors such as pregnancy, alcohol consumption, sports or stress influence our daily needs. Here, attention must be paid to the personal body feeling. In certain situations, however, you should consult a doctor and best adhere to the recommended amounts. Fortunately, there are reference values from which a sufficient magnesium intake is guaranteed.

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