Spermidine Dietary Supplements: What to Consider

Spermidine Dietary Supplements There's there to consider

Hardly any substance is currently researched as intensively as spermidine. And that’s no wonder. Finally, the naturally occurring polyamine is said to have many positive effects on our health. Whether as a spermidine supplement or via the diet with certain foods, science is eager to decipher the secrets of spermidine.

We looked at what it is all about and how you can also take spermidine as a dietary supplement.

Is spermidine really that healthy?

But let’s start at the very beginning: Is spermidine really as healthy as everyone says?

Well, the word ‘healthy’ is perhaps the wrong expression here. Spermidine is rather an elementary component of all living organisms. For example, it occurs in all body cells and performs important functions there.

The cells need spermidine for cell growth and autophagy,for example. This is a process in which cells break down and exploit old components. Put simply, autophagy keeps our cells in the firing line. Therefore, the process is particularly important in older age. Reduced autophagy, for example, promotes the metastasis of tumors and the development of numerous diseases such as Alzheimer’s, ALS or multiple sclerosis.

To counteract all this, our cells need spermidine.

But the €1 million question is: how do we get the spermidine into our bodies so that it develops this effect in our cells?

Initial studies on spermidine supplementation have already been completed, but in general the data is still rather meagre. So researchers around the world will have to break their heads about spermidine as a dietary supplement for some time to come.

But what natural sources of spermidine are there at all and what about dietary supplements?

How to get spermidine about your diet

Probably the most obvious way to feed your body spermidine is via diet. As already mentioned, spermidine is contained across the bank in all living organisms. Once more, once less. However, certain foods have a particularly high content of the valuable substance.

The top 5 foods when it comes to spermidine are, for example:

  1. Wheat germ (243 mg spermidine / kg)
  2. Dried soybeans (207 mg spermidine / kg)
  3. Mature cheddar cheese (199 mg spermidine / kg)
  4. Pumpkin seeds (104 mg spermidine / kg)
  5. Mushrooms (89 mg spermidine / kg)

If you change your diet so that these products are more on your diet, you will automatically absorb more spermidine. But this can also have drawbacks.

In the first place, such a change in diet should take place in the long term. This is not always easy. In addition, you also have to be careful not to feed yourself too one-sidedly. If you neglect important nutrients when eating, this can lead to deficiency symptoms. In addition, many sources of spermidine (keyword cheese / meat) have an animal origin and are therefore not suitable for vegan or vegetarian people.

Dietary supplements with spermidine are a welcome alternative. So let’s take a closer look at them.

Spermidine Dietary Supplements – How to Do It

Since the hype around spermidine is still relatively new, you will find products for supplementation currently rather rarely in pharmacies or drugstores. The largest offer in terms of spermidine supplements is undoubtedly available on the Internet. However, since the products are primarily about your health, there are a few things you should consider when buying.

Pay particular attention to the ingredients of the dietary supplements

Dietary supplements containing spermidine are generally produced from spermidine-containing foods. The advantage of this is that the spermidine in the capsules is more concentrated than when intake over the food. After all, who normally eats a handful of wheat germs a day? In the capsules, however, this is not a problem.

wheat germ
: As you have taken from the top 5 list above, wheat germs are the spermidine champions par excellence. When choosing a dietary supplement with spermidine, you should take care that spermidine-rich ingredients were used in particular in the production.

Special care should be taken if you suffer from histamineine intolerance. Most spermidine bombs contain a relatively large amount of histamine. Wheat germs themselves are rather poor in histamine, but help your body release histamine.

As always, animal products are often used in the production of capsule shells. If you live vegan or vegetarian, you should pay particular attention to using vegan supplements with spermidine.

Does supplementation with spermidine pay off? What does science say?

Research on spermidine and the use of the substance has only just begun. Scientists around the world are therefore eager lynotto no matterwhatsing possible applications of supplementation with spermidine.

The last word on effectiveness has therefore not yet been spoken. Data and long-term studies on spermidine supplements in human use are simply missing.

However, the studies that have already been completed showed that herbal spermidine is well tolerated by humans at a dose of 1.2 mg per day.

But not only that: A 2018 study in which test subjects were given spermidine supplements for three months suggested that taking it could even lead to moderately increased memory performance.

This may sound promising, but to make a general recommendation for dietary supplements with spermidine, there is simply no more scientifically sound data.

Nevertheless, human physicians who exchanged ideas at an expert meeting on the therapeutic potential of spermidine at the end of November 2019 were convinced: the substance would open up interesting medical perspectives and regular intake via dietary supplements could be particularly useful in older age.

So here again the most important to spermidine dietary supplements summarized:

  • Spermidine is present in all living organisms
  • Our cells need the substance for regeneration and other important processes
  • Spermidine supplements are made from foods that are rich in spermidine
  • These foods are often rich in histamines, if you have intolerance, you should check the tolerability
  • Spermidine supplements are still hard to find in pharmacies, the largest offer is available on the Internet
  • If you live vegan or vegetarian, be sure to buy vegan-made capsules
  • Science is in the process of deciphering all the secrets of the miracle drug spermidine – although initial results seem promising, data and studies are simply missing to make a general scientific recommendation.

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