Where is spermidine contained? The A to Z of the products with spermidine content

Where Spermidine Contains The A to Z of Products With Spermidine Content

Research and various magazines are currently often about one substance: spermidine. Staying young should be caused by spermidine, it is said. It is intended to move the body into a fasting state. All this has not yet been clarified by research, but there are promising indications.

Since there are no “spermidine drugs” or “spermidine therapies” yet, many resort to a spermidine-containing diet or dietary supplement. But where is the good substance contained?

Here you will find a list of products with high spermidine content. From A to Z.

A like aubergine

Most of the time, one only reads about the fact that apples contain a lot of spermidine. However, the good fruit has only half of the spermidine content of eggplant. At 4.3 mg per kilogram of aubergines, however, it is not the miracle cure either. The vegetables, however, help for a balanced diet and e.B. one or the other vegetable lasagne.

B like broccoli

At B, there would be a myriad of foods with a high spermidine content. Cauliflower, bananas and especially broccoli at 33.2 mg per kilogram.

The green crossflower plant is related to cauliflower, which also explains the similarly high spermidine levels. In addition to a particularly high amount of spermidine, it also contains potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and sodium. In addition, vitamins B1, B2, B6, and E. But that’s not all: broccoli also contains a whole lot of vitamin C and carotene.

Green is healthy? In the case of broccoli definitely.

C like cheddar cheese

A well-known major supplier of spermidine is cheddar cheese. The Scottish hard cheese is one of the three best sources of spermidineat 199 mg per kilogram. The golden yellow to orange color comes from the plant dye Annatto.

It is also said that the British have an unhealthy cuisine: Cheddar is the most popular cheese variety there and alone accounts for 51% of the local cheese market. A perfect cheese for a slice of delicious homemade burger.

Cheddar also contains a lot of potassium, calcium, sodium and vitamin B2.

D like Dill

A similarly good source of spermidine as broccoli is dill (29.2 mg/kg). This herb is suitable as a spice for sauces, salad oil, yoghurt or even fish and meat dishes.

In addition to the good spermidine and the fragrant essential oil, it also contains potassium and calcium.

E like peanuts

Peanuts are known and popular as a snack in between. In addition, they are also healthy, because they are among the most magnesium-rich plant-based foods and contain a lot of protein. They are therefore particularly important for a vegetarian diet.

They also contain vitamin B3 and the important essential amino acid arginine. As a reminder, essential means that our body cannot make them.

The spermidine content (16 mg/kg) is higher.

F like meat

Since spermidine is present in the cells of all living beings, it is not surprising that the content of some meats is quite high. Particularly noteworthy here is the red deer: the red deer (17 mg/kg) and the deer (14.7 mg/kg).

Likewise, grilled chicken is a good spermidine supplier (17.3 mg/kg). The preparation is also important! Grilled chicken has almost twice the content of raw or cooked chicken.

However, a real spermidine supplier is only minced meat from beef at 37 mg/kg.

G like green peas

Already frozen, green peas are true spermidine bombs. Cooked, they then reach their full potential: 65.2 mg/kg.

The legumes are already known for their high proteinand fiber content. Then there is a whole lot of essential amino acidscontained in the small, green beads. Iron, zinc and manganese are also minerals to be mentioned.

H like hazelnuts

We already had it with peanuts, but the hazelnut is the last nut on this list. At 21 mg/kg, it even has more spermidine than peanuts. Like all nuts, it also contains many monounsaturated or polyunsaturated fatty acids.

The basic product for the nougat spread contains a whole lot of B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6 and B9), calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc and copper.

The German Society for Nutrition therefore even recommends regular consumption. However, due to the high nutritional value and the fat content of 63%, it is said here that less is more.

I like ginger

With the letter “I” there are hardly any foods with high spermidine content. Ginger has only 3.7 mg/kg of spermidine, but is also a well-known medicinal plantin medicine.

Ginger has an antibacterial, virostatic effect – it inhibits the propagation of viruses – and is an excellent spice. For this purpose, the healing root warms and also helps with nausea or vomiting. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is known for a variety of applications for raw or dried ginger.

J like (Jakobs-)Muscheln

We have to cheat a little here, because scallops contain only 1 mg of spermidine per kilogram of mussels. Rather, it is other mussels such as mussels that stand out here at 37.7 mg/kg.

If you like seafood, you have at least an adequate solution at hand.

K like potato chips – or rather tuber celery

In fact, potato chips have a high spermidine content (37.6 mg/kg). Overall, however, it is not the healthiest snack. That’s why we prefer to refer to a vegetable that is often used for homemade vegetable broth: the tuber celery (26.7 mg/kg).

Although it is slightly behind the potato chips, it has hardly any calories and some fantastic nutrients: vitamin B6, vitamin C, potassium and phosphorus.

Again, however, there would be a whole range of foods: kidney beans (19.5 mg/kg) or chickpeas (28.8 mg/kg) are to be mentioned.

L like leek onion

Because we are already with the good vegetable broth, the leek onion must not be missing. At 17 mg/kg, it is somewhat behind the larger suppliers, but here too potassium and vitamin C are not negligible.

But food is also about the taste and a good Japanese miso soup doesn’t work without leek onion. It provides the fresh and fragrant aroma.

M like corn

You’ve probably already noticed: legumes have a lot of spermidine. Corn is no exception (21 mg/kg). Whether it’s salads, good pizza or grilled corn cobs, it’s one of our beloved foods. We even leave popcorn aside.

Countless amino acids, vitamins and minerals are also a healthy side effect.

N as dietary supplements

Foods with “N” containing spermidine? Clearly, these are the dietary supplements. They are often also made from completely natural wheat germ extract. We’ll come back to that with “W.”

O like Okra

What, please, is that? Okra is also known as edible Marshmallow, Egyptian bean or gambo. For the kitchen you can use the pod, which is extremely low in calories. It is reminiscent of green beans (fisols).

It is still rarely eaten in Europe, but in the Arab, African and Asian areas it is very popular. In addition, it has also made its way into European cuisine via Turkey and Greece. Known is z.B: the Creole stew Gumbo.

Okra have approximately 19 mg/kg of spermidine content.

P like mushrooms

An extremely popular and generous spermidine supplier are mushrooms. Among the vegetables, they have the most spermidine (88.6 mg/kg). They are healthy and versatile.

So far, however, only Asian mushrooms have been researched: shiitake, oyster mushrooms or herb sidelets. Pfifferlinge (egg-spongy in the south) and porcini mushrooms also contain not little spermidine.

However, the high content is only proven in raw, fresh mushrooms. What to do, because mushrooms are not eaten raw? It is best to dry shiitake gently at low temperatures. The spermidine mushroom bomb is ready.

Q like …

Do you like to play city, country, river? Then you will know the problem with “Q”. Again, in foods with spermidine, we find nothing worth mentioning and must fit. Even the frequent savior Quark serves only as a healthy supplement.

R like rice bran

Rice bran (50 mg/kg) rarely found in the home kitchens. However, the healthy cuisine that has emerged in recent years has given the food some momentum.

Raw in the muesli and smoothie in the morning, as a topping on the salad or as a partial substitute for flour when baking and thickening of soups and sauces. Rice bran is one of those foods that is a gluten-free alternative to wheat bran and spelt.

S like soybeans

This includes: Dried soybeans. They represent the food that contains the second most spermidine (207 mg/kg).

You can ferment them into miso paste, process them into vegetable roasts or use them in sauces or soup. Soy can be used almost anywhere, tastes good and is amazingly healthy.

T like tea

Until now, it was all about edibles. But what about drinks? Here, especially black tea is an excellent source of spermidine (38.1 mg/kg).

When it comes to infusion, there isn’t much of it in the drink anymore, but black tea and coffee stimulate autophagy, the natural cell cleansing. As early as 2014, it was proven here that similar to spermidine, these drinks also help us to stay healthy.

U as necessarily balanced diet

With all the nutrition tips, however, it is always important to always keep an eye on a creed: Absolutely balanced nutrition.

Some foods already contain a lot of potassium, sodium and iron. This would not be problematic in individual cases, but in quantity it can lead to an excess of nutrients. The symptoms of such an overdose can be numerous and sometimes dangerous. Always keep this in mind and, if in doubt, ask your doctor of trust.

V like whole grains

If you are taking flour, use wholemeal flour (24.4 mg/kg). Here, the spermidine content is almost 2.5 times higher than with conventional wheat flour.

But the wheat is not so bad in principle, because there are…

W like wheat germ

Wheat germs are the star of foodsthat contain spermidine. 243-354 mg/kg is in it. In breakfast quark (yes, something with Q!), in salad or on bread. These are just examples of the addition of wheat germs.

As already mentioned under dietary supplements, the wheat germ extract is therefore also the usual component of dietary supplements. It is vegan, well tolerated and in extract form it contains a proper portion of spermidine.

X like Xtra-Boost spermidine

As a reminder, wheat germ, dried soybeans, cheddar, mushrooms and green peas are the boosters for your spermidine supply due to their high content. More can only be done through dietary supplements.

Y like Yay, there are many foods with spermidine

Even if it looks bad with some letters, it remains to be said that you can resort to a variety of foods and supplements with at least some spermidine content.

Also: Yay, now you know more, because only the “Z” follows.

Z as At the end

In the end, it is only a good appetite to wish. After all the delicious products, you probably won’t ask yourself anymore: “Where is spermidine contained?”

Rather, it’s now thinking about what you’re eating first of all the tasty foods.

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