You’re still yawning or you’re already coffee-nappst: The best tips for getting tired

You're still yawning or coffee-nappst you already The best tips against fatigue

What tips really help against fatigue? How do you get through the workday with energy without peeing on your computer keyboard? From veteran home remedies to the most creative advice you don’t know yet. We have the best tips for you.

Do you get along so well? But maybe you still know this situation:

The roar of the alarm clock ends your night far too early and you are faced with perhaps the most difficult decision you have to make today: to reciprocate the warm embrace of your duvet or to make your way to the dark, cold bathroom? In most cases, our sense of duty gains the upper hand here in the end, after all, the gross national product does not increase on its own, does it?

But the alternative could not be more tempting. Because, let’s face it, how often you didn’t want to just whistle on it and cuddle yourself again in the warm bed. The famous “Five minutes left…” that probably everyone knows.

Of course, if you have to get up early, you’re tired – that’s normal. But is it really?

Fatigue is always a signal to your body that it lacks energy. Whether in the form of sleep, nutrients or simply stimulating stimuli. Being tired after a long day at work or an intensive workout is therefore completely normal – but fatigue in the morning or the heavy eyelids in the afternoon in the office are not always. A few simple tips and tricks work wonders here and effectively drive your sleep out of your bones.

So what exactly helps?

Tips for fatigue in the morning

Probably the most effective tip against fatigue in the morning is logical: enough sleep. But especially during the working week, the recommended eight hours of rest is a luxury. For many people, getting up becomes a struggle. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Morning muffle beware,here are our tips:

Turn the alarm clock quieter!

Uhh, how please? Light? How is this supposed to help? Classic alarm clocks that pull you out of your sleep loudly serve their purpose, but the abrupt waking can act like a kind of shock to the body. The sleep cycle does not find a natural end and you feel less sleepy.

This is different with so-called “light alarmclocks”. They awaken you through ever-increasing light, modelled on the sunrise. The process starts a few minutes before the desired wake-up time and gently gets you out of your sleep. So try a different wake-up methodwhen it’s hard to get out of bed in the morning.

Observe the sleep rhythm!

If your sleep rhythm is disturbed, the quality and duration of your sleep often suffers. Fatigue is the result. So try to find a rhythm that suits you. Especially the naps in the afternoon or long stays at the weekend are usually the culprits for the fatigue. Keep your sleep times as constant as possible and you’ll see how your sleep improves.

Brrrr! Off to the warm, cold shower!

This tip probably explains itself. Nothing wakes you up as fast as cold showers. But even better do alternating showers. Who likes to jump under the freezing shower in the early hours of the Lord’s Day? So shower yourself warm, but turn up the water a little colder in between. It doesn’t have to be freezing cold at all – the temperature difference stimulates blood circulation and gives fatigue the rest.

Motivation wins!

It can be so simple: be motivated. Nothing easier than that, right? Of course, motivation is something extremely individual and spraying with energy at the touch of a button is often not possible (unfortunately). Nevertheless, the inner attitude helps enormously when it comes to getting out of bed in the morning. So think positively,look forward to breakfast or the day and turn on your favorite music. The beginning of the day is something beautiful and should be celebrated in this way.

Breakfast against tiredness!

If your body has no energy, it is tired. The diet is therefore something like our fuel. Through them we supply our organism with all important nutrients and minerals. Breakfast is therefore as healthy as possible. Especially fruit and oatmeal stimulate the digestion and thus also your body. They help you get into the aisles. Caffeine-containing drinks such as coffee or black tea give you an extra boost. However, be careful not to overdoit with your caffeine consumption.

Tips for tiredness in the evening

Fatigue in the evening is basically normal. If you get up in the morning, the tiredness in the evening even helps you to fall asleep on time and wake up refreshed. So use the following tips at your own risk! A healthy sleep rhythm is the be-all and end-all in the fight against fatigue.

Run tired just off!

Sport makes you tired – but only in the long run. If you go jogging in the evening, the movement stimulates your body and increases your attention after the running session. Short movement sessions also help you get rid of fatigue. Just get up and do some fitness exercises.


Yes, you read correctly – Apple. But why “apple”? Doesn’t coffee bring a much stronger energy boost? Of course, you’re right that coffee bubbles up and raises attention, but especially in the evening it is often counterproductive to chase yourself en masse of caffeine into the veins.

Studies have shown that too much caffeine has exactly the opposite effect and can cause severe fatigue. This is especially evident in people who regularly consume a lot of coffee.

Apples, on the other hand, are real nutrient bombsthat can give the body an energy boost through their natural sugar. In addition, they are very high in fiber and therefore stimulate digestion – this also keeps you awake.

Stretch yourself to torture!

An interesting book, an exciting film – do something exciting. Especially exciting contents (keyword: horror movies) increase your pulse and put your organism on alert. Fatigue thus fades into the background.

Music, music!

Whether Helene Fischer or thrash metal. Your favorite music puts you in a good mood and pours out endorphins, the happiness hormones, in your body. You get a special energy boost when you participate actively. Whether through singing, dancing or headbanging – music wakes up and keeps you awake.

Bed = Lava!

Avoid your bed like the devil the holy water! You (and especially your body) associate it with the night’s sleep and automatically go into sleep mode when you’re in bed. So please work or learn only at the desk. The bed is there to sleep.

Tips for fatigue during the day and at work

Fatigue in the office or during our working day is probably the most disturbing form of the problem. Especially at work, we need a lot of energy to be effective. So what can you do not to nod in the job?

Get up when you’re on the ground!

The constant sitting demands your body only little. So take your legs from time to time or keep working while standing. Height-adjustable tables help you to continue working standing. Even short fitness exercises or exercise boosts your inner motor.

Try coffee-napping!

If you can’t stop your eyes, the last resort is a short nap. The emphasis here is on the word“short.” A particularly effective trend is the Coffee-Nap. It combines the energy boost through caffeine with recovery through short sleep. Here’s how it works: Drink a cup of coffee and put on your ear for about 15 minutes. The essential thing is that you do not rest for more than 20 minutes, as the body would go into a deeper sleep. After the short nap you are a little more rested and with the awakening the caffeine has also unfolded its effect. So the coffee nap is a real miracle cure for fatigue in the afternoon.

Read? Read!

Excuse me? Reading helps against fatigue? Yes, it does, but not always. Reading takes a blind eye and even in the evening the best book can cause us to get tired earlier.

The trick against fatigue is to read short texts quickly. The increased reading speed puts pressure onyour brain to process the recorded information. For your brain, it’s like a kick in the butt that gets it on its toes. So if you notice that fatigue is spreading, briefly open your web browser and read a news article as fast as possible.

Put your head in the fridge!

Admittedly, this tip is not to be understood literally. But maybe. Because if our body is exposed to sudden cold, it wakes it up. But you don’t necessarily need a fridge. Go to the fresh air or wash your face with cold water.

Slümmeln makes you tired!

Straight posture does not always have to be and from time to time to relieve the spine is even healthy. Nevertheless, especially against the fatigue in the office, you should sit down more often. Studies have shown that just sitting can provide an energy boost. In addition, a straight posture increases self-confidence. So: back straight, shoulders slightly back and eyes to the front!

You’re still tired? Try to find out the reasons!

If all this doesn’t help and you’re still tired all the time, it may have health reasons. So you can only fight this kind of fatigue if you have identified the exact reasons. These can be versatile – from food intolerance to nutrient deficiency or even chronic disease. A visit to the doctor will give you accurate answers and help you get back to your old energy level.

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